Pilot 2- websizeI originally started this painting so I could have at least one young male in my portfolio and to keep exploring painting on a smooth surface. It was inspired by old war propaganda, I love history and wanted to do a painting that had the look of those old illustrations.

There was a lot of time spent researching since I wanted this to be as accurate as possible. This is a WWII pilot (I liked the planes from WWII more than WWI) in front of a Warhawk.

I do think that this piece is successful in looking similar to the era illustrations but looking at it now it has such a different feel and subject matter than anything in my portfolio that it just doesn’t fit. Also, it’s picturesque but really lacks emotional depth that I can see now that I have moved on to other projects.

Over all it isn’t going in the portfolio but was a great learning experience in how to work with paint.

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