I finished this piece some time back as a learning experience. Below I’ve put together what my process was for it. If there are any questions just comment below.

I was doing some embarrassingly rough doodles when I started noodling with the idea. I liked the whole mysterious figure that I was coming up with so I just went for it as a painting.



I began by taking lots of pictures for the hand and the face that I put together and loosely referenced.

Usually I’d sketch some line work smaller and then scale it up to the actually size the painting would be. This time I skipped this step since this was something I was doing for fun and I’m currently without a printer. I went to sketching it at full scale, which was on an 18″x 24″ drawing pad.

As a whole I was really happy with the drawing as it was and made a transfer to canvas by using charcoal covered tracing paper.

Before painting I put the drawing into Photoshop and made a rough color comp. Which I did decided to change the hood color after a discussion with the husband, the face changed as the piece went on as well. Overall this was a fun painting, really great to just work with the paint and learn from that.

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